Kombucha Black Currant 15 x 330 ml

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15 bottles in a box

1 bottle contains 0,33 l

BLACK JOHNISBEERE is a shrub that originates from Northern Europe and Northern Asia and has been used in natural medicine since time immemorial. Good to know: One bottle of Roots Kombucha contains 50% of the recommended daily requirement of vitamin C. Both the berries and the leaves and branches have a strong, pleasantly aromatic flavour. Roots of Malmö uses berries and leaves in their kombucha because they love the combination of the sweetness of the berries and the character of the leaves.

Live kombucha can be kept in the fridge for about a year. An opened bottle of kombucha will keep in the fridge for about a month. To store kombucha at room temperature, it must be pasteurised, but this kills the live drink and loses some of its potency. Our products are all unpasteurised and therefore a healthy thirst quencher.

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