Roots of Malmö

Roots of Malmö: Manufacture kombucha from Sweden!

ROOTS of Malmö was founded in 2014 by American Nick and Austrian Matthias after years of passionately experimenting with fermentation in their kitchen. Until 2016, ROOTS was purely a hobby for Nick and Matthias, for which they used their Saturdays. Since 2016, the two have also had employees. ROOTS is now Sweden's largest kombucha producer, and ROOTS Kombucha is sold all over the country. The kombucha is eco-certified. ROOTs strive to minimise their environmental impact at all levels. The electricity they use comes from wind power. They deliver to their customers in Malmö with cargo bikes and outside Malmö they use a biogas car. "On all my travels, I regularly test different brands of kombucha. ROOTS remains my favourite." - Göran, The Nordic Deli